Sunday, October 13, 2013

Connections: Closing the Distance

Connections (New Adult Romance)

When a person cannot connect to another human being, even on a superficial level, that person is missing one of the joys of living. By ingrained needs in our evolutionary biology, humans have the often overwhelming desire to connect with other individuals. Whether that connection is as friends, family, or lovers, we need the emotional support to ground us in everyday reality and to make that reality bearable. Connections by Selena Kitt examines one person, Cathy, who has always had trouble connecting with others and how that changes for her.

Kitt shows restraint with this novella, using short sentence and paragraph structure effectively in the beginning of the story. The pacing at the beginning propels the reader forward, hoping that Cathy achieves some measure of reciprocity in her life. Kitt has a knack for such characters, those who yearn for rudimentary contact but achieve so much more. Her dialogue and word choice are spot-on, leaving the reader with a window into Cathy’s lonely, dreary world.
To show how disaffected Cathy is, Kitt hits upon an ingenious device: a phone call. Cathy remains so distant from everyone, even family, that she randomly calls people. Not to talk mind you but to sit silently while the person speaking tries to find out who is calling. It’s when she calls Seth, a college fraternity boy, that she reaches an unexpected kindred spirit. Both are rather melancholic characters at the start. What starts off as an innocent chat session turns into months of soul-bearing honesty, something few of us ever really achieve in real life.
Kitt is well-known for her erotica and this book does not disappoint in that regard. The sex scenes later in the book crackle with raw carnal power. By the time the two characters meet, Kitt employs longer sentence structure and paragraphs, allowing each moment between the characters to last. The conscious decision to slow the reader’s speed is deliberate, meant to convey that these characters are not only engaging in sexual play but are entering into a new kinship paradigm. For Cathy, who starts the novella so earnestly alone, the closing section of the story shows her development into an emotional being, disarmed and unlocked by Seth’s simple charm.

The story is a short novella, easily completed in an afternoon. Kitt continues to show in her writing a deep understanding of the motivations behind human needs and desires. She also proves that raw sexual pleasure and emotional connection are not always mutually exclusive. This novella has a lovely romantic tone to it and one I would suggest anyone pick up a read. 


  1. Interesting review. I was looking for a link to the book? Did I miss one?

  2. Thanks, sparkly. I've added the Goodreads link at the top.